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Shannon Speaks, MSSA, LISW-S, ACC

Shannon Speaks is a Licensed Independent Social Worker in the state of Ohio, ICF Certified Life Coach and Certified Mindfulness Teacher. She is a holder of safe and compassionate spaces, companion to the caregiver and encourager of insights transformed into meaningful action. Three decades of work in healthcare have guided her to her own coaching practice (Nourish Whole-Person Coaching, LLC), where she serves caregivers and organizations in the business of caring for others. When she isn’t coaching or serving the hard-working staff at Summa Health/SummaCare through mindfulness support, you will find her walking in the woods with her dogs, enjoying live music with her bestie or engaging in any type of art with her husband and children. To connect with Shannon, reach out by phone at 216-245-5213. Email:

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Growing Resilience with Mindfulness

Posted by Shannon Speaks, MSSA, LISW-S, ACC on Jun 20, 2024 3:34:42 PM

In case you wondered if resilience is something you can grow, I gave it away in the title. It’s true! You can grow resilience.

Consider this resiliency equation by Army Veteran & scholar Elizabeth Stanley:

Stress + Recovery = RESILIENCE

If you think about your life, it’s likely that one part of this equation is already covered…the stress part! A critical part of resilience is stress.  But stress alone does not a resilient person make. We must also recover in order to grow resilience.

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