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10 Quick Tips to Inspire Appreciology

The Impact Group Appreciology

It’s easy to fall into routines and live out our days without realizing all of the blessings we have. Since we value sameness and are creatures of habit, it is unlikely that we pause to reflect on the positive things that are going on around us each day.

When we’re at work, it can be especially challenging to show gratitude. But in order to be a dynamic leader, it is important to lead your life with certain guiding principles that are centered on appreciation. In fact, the greatest form of encouragement and inspiration in the workplace is recognition—or letting your coworkers know and feel that they are appreciated.

Coined by our co-founders Tom Speaks and Don Polyak at The Impact Group, appreciology is the art and science of appreciation. By integrating appreciology into your work environment, you and your coworkers can create an environment centered on positive feedback and gratitude, which will inevitably lead to growth and development.

This isn’t just a matter of optimism—it’s a matter of seeing things differently and motivating change. Instead of catching your coworker doing something wrong or letting the smallest hiccup bother you, seek out the successes you have had and share them with others. 

Here are 10 quick tips to inspire appreciology at your workplace:

  1. Surprise your coworkers with kindness because chances are, they won’t expect it.

  2.  Do the unpredictable, positive thing.

  3.  Give grace when you are uncertain.

  4. Affirm one person at the start of every day.

  5. Make positive interactions known—and celebrate them.

  6. Show others you care by listening and giving them your full attention.

  7. Make it fun—create a game out of being appreciative.

  8. Make it personal.

  9. Say thank you every chance you get.

  10. Lead by example; the more grateful you are, the more appreciative others will be.

In order to spread the word about the power of appreciology, Speaks and Polyak have written a forthcoming book that further illuminates the concept. The book, Appreciology: The Art and Science of Appreciation, will be released later this year.

Supplementing the book’s launch, Speaks and The Impact Group team will continue to host seminars on appreciology and team-building focus groups for businesses and agencies in and around northeast Ohio. Already, Speaks has engaged with dozens of businesses and agencies, illuminating the central ideas of appreciology and offering suggestions on how to integrate the science into company culture.

For more information on appreciology and the way it can change your workplace—and your life—for the better, follow us on Twitter (@IGPR) to find out about our upcoming appreciology events.