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3 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Presence This Fall

2020 has been an interesting year for all of us! Whether the year has been moving in slow motion for you or if you feel like you blinked in March and now it’s October, there’s still time to focus on social media to engage your audience this year. Amid all the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have had a difficult time prioritizing social media content creation or consistency across your platform or you may not have been sure how to appropriately run your accounts. Whatever your dilemma, we can help!

No matter where you are with your social media strategy, we are giving you some easy and attainable ways to up your game before the holidays.

The Impact Group’s Tips for Social Media Success

1.) Try a new platform.

Maybe your brand/company has always used Facebook to convey information and share event updates with your followers. There’s no harm in that! But, if you have the capacity, extending your reach to followers on other platforms can help you grow your brand awareness. Not only will you gain more followers and customers, but you will delight your current ones. It’s no secret everyone has been on their phones and social media more in the past six months than ever before, so take advantage of the opportunity! Keep things interesting for your dedicated fans by giving them fresh, unique content on a platform that presents new creative opportunities.

2.) Turn the camera around.

Let your follower see who they’re always hearing from! Take a second to introduce yourself or your team on one or more of your platforms. Whether your following comprises customers or stakeholders, they want to know a real person is representing the brand. Share some fun facts, shots of your workspace or show off your pets with whom you've been working from home. This little gesture is a great way to keep your followers engaged and give them some of that human connection they are probably craving by now. Take it even a step further and ask them to introduce themselves back! This could be developed into an entire social campaign. Take a moment to brainstorm a fun hashtag that your followers can use, as well.  

3.) Invest in your followers.

Let’s get that conversation flowing! Invest more time to responding to followers. Whether this means replying to comments or leaving your own comments on their posts, this practice is just as important as posting on social in the first place! It helps your consumers to recognize your brand, and it builds trust. Plus, it can double as market research. By paying attention to what people are saying about your brand/company, you are able to adjust accordingly behind the scenes or simply … keep up the good work!

Easy, right? You’re already on your way! Try implementing some of these ideas and watch your social analytics grow!

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