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Getting Content in Front of the Right Audience

These days, marketing is all about excellent content. Companies are told to push relevant, helpful blog posts and social media activity that makes their products seem more valuable to potential customers.

But what if you don’t know where your customers are?

Your content is only worth as much as your audience values it, so make sure you’re getting your content in front of the people who may need whatever it is you are promoting. To make sure your content is getting to the audiences you want to reach, follow these easy steps.


Who are the people most likely to need your product?

The first step of determining where your audiences are is to determine who your audience is. What problem does your product solve, and who are the people most likely to run into that problem?


Image credit: Chatstack

For example, you may be a company that specializes in making baby bottles. You would most likely be targeting new parents or families of someone who is having a baby. Those people are also probably getting their information from somewhere different than, say, someone looking for fishing gear. That brings us to the next question.


Where do those people get their information?

Where are the people who you want to reach getting their information? Are they older and more likely looking for hard copies of information, such as a flyer or a direct mail piece, or are they younger and active on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter?


Image credit: CoSchedule Blog

After determining who your audience is, seek out demographic information and trends of the ways they prefer to communicate. You can also survey current customers to get a better idea of how they like to receive information. Achieving higher accuracy in the way you communicate will help you increase the number of customers your message reaches.


Are you active on the platforms that you just named?

Finally, determine if you have a presence on the platforms where your audiences are active. If you are not, determine a strategy to being posting and promoting your content on those platforms.

Content marketing is like fishing: you have to be where the fish are if you want to catch any. By going to your audience instead of waiting for them to find you, you’re much more likely to be successful in your marketing goals.

fishing-for-sm.pngImage credit: PaySimple

If you know the answers to the three above questions, you’re ready to begin effectively publishing and promoting your content.


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