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Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is known as a professional network, a Facebook for your professional life instead of your personal life. However, you can use LinkedIn as much more than a publishing tool; you can use it to generate leads.

Social media platforms in general are not high scorers when ranked among other lead-generating tools. However, LinkedIn is ranked as the best lead-generating social media platform. So how do you convert your connections into customers?

Start a conversation 


The best way to connect with the people you want to talk to is to join groups and start contributing. Contributing doesn’t mean posting all the time, because that can quickly get annoying for other group members. A better way to start a conversation is to like, share or comment on someone else’s content. This way, they will start engaging with you, and they will recognize you when you publish content. Speaking of which…

Publish high-quality content


Although you don’t want to have too much, you definitely want your LinkedIn page to be populated with content that positions you as the professional you want to be. As people like and respond to your content, begin creating contact lists of people who are highly engaged with your posts. Engage with their posts as well, and you’ve created someone who is highly familiar with your brand.

Add links that you can track

Part of your content should also be a link, preferably a link you can track. Using marketing automation software or even just Bitly, create a link that reports how many times it has been clicked and by who. This will allow you to see which of your contacts are highly interested and who you should contact first.

Drive website traffic


When adding the links, make sure to sometimes link to your website. If your website is tracking visitors (which it should be!), and you are tracking clicks, you will see who is visiting what page of your website. You should be able to track the activity of your LinkedIn followers, allowing you to learn even more about them before you have an in-person conversation.

By following the above tips, you can become a lead-generating expert.

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