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You are the Narrator: Telling Your Story on Social Media

It is no secret that people like to talk. Whether about the good or the ugly, word travels fast and far in the age of technology. Don’t be afraid to jump on the keyboard and take control of your story. With social media and blogging, you have the chance to be the narrator of your company’s story! With a little bit of practice and a few extra hands helping you out, you can create content that will tell your story from your own perspective, and help other people see the amazing things that you see.

Content Strategy Helps Structure Your Storytelling

Let’s break the content down a little bit. It takes thought and strategy to send a truly excellent post out onto the internet. Make your content personal. Holiday posts or national days brighten up anyone’s timeline, but posts that highlight the achievements of your students, employees or clients or recent or upcoming events help stakeholders to see the what your company is all about at its core. In other words, tell them something they don’t know! Sharing local news is also important, as it impacts your community in the same way that company-specific news would. Sharing personal, relevant news and achievements help build a sense of community and also help your audiences feel connected to your business. When people see and learn about things they might not have known about otherwise, you are telling them your own story!

Not feeling the creative juices flow just yet? That’s OK! The best way to create a thorough and engaging social media page involves help from other people. Take a look around and enlist some of your staff as co-content creators. Ask for photos or videos of practices, bus rides, meetings, projects and more or have staff send your marketing manager any materials/content ideas. You and you alone cannot create a successful story or social media presence. You have tons of co-narrators who are witnessing funny, uplifting moments every day. Grab hold of that! Bring your storytellers together and watch as your community hits the ‘like’ button over and over again.

By telling your story online in an authentic and thorough manner, you will successfully market your business to perspective clients as well! When people look at your pages, they want to know why they should use your services, attend your school or buy your product.

Use Your Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media, when done right, can help your business utilize opportunities and share its message to an entire community. By leading the way, utilizing platforms and gathering content that authentically tells your story, you are making yourself the narrator of your story! Bring others along with you as you navigate the different channels. Seize it as a marketing opportunity and have fun sharing all the stories that make your company unique.