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Seven Features of A Must-Read School Newsletter

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of education, effective communication is the cornerstone of building strong, engaged communities. For school districts, a well-crafted newsletter serves as a conduit for sharing important updates, celebrating successes, and fostering a sense of belonging among students, parents, staff, and stakeholders.

In this blog, we are excited to offer you tips, tricks and recommendations on creating your next newsletter from our team of account leads - the experts behind countless successful school newsletters. From captivating content and visually appealing design elements to punctual delivery and accessibility, we will explore techniques to ensure that your newsletter captivates your diverse audiences.

Whether you're an experienced communications expert or new to the industry, discover how to utilize this powerful platform to maintain an informed and connected school community.

Creating Engaging Content

IGPR School NewslettersThe core of any successful school newsletter is the content itself. It’s time to think beyond mere announcements and dates. Including stories that highlight student achievements, staff spotlights, and community partnerships are much more interesting to readers and will engage them more deeply. Share anecdotes, photos and quotes that bring your school’s successes to life. 

When creating content for newsletters, our team uses our Strategic Communications Model to build the foundation for outlines and article development. At its core, the model builds objectives, strategies and tactics around a school district’s communication priorities using a variety of communication platforms. Using the priorities as a guide, we know we must find a topic, article or story to highlight in every newsletter that reinforces the identified communications priorities.


  • We often work with school districts that prioritize communication regarding safety. As part of the tactics in achieving our objective to ensure families and community members understand the variety of actions the school district implements to enhance student safety, an article in each newsletter is reserved for this topic. You might cover the implementation of a new security system or discuss how PBIS provides opportunities for a positive school climate, which can enhance the safety of students. 
  • Promote student achievement by including a “student work showcase” or “student gallery” that features recent student artwork, writing, science projects or multimedia projects. This will make students feel appreciated and show off their wonderful creativity at work!
Looking for assistance defining your communications objectives and executing your communications strategies? We are here to help! The Impact Group is your partner for success. To learn more about our strategic communications services, visit or contact us personally at

Platform and Format

There are multiple ways in which you can present a newsletter: print, digital PDFs or email newsletter platforms. When deciding how to share your newsletter, budget is a critical factor. Printing and mailing a newsletter can be expensive, but it is one of the most effective ways to reach stakeholders who don’t directly connect with the school district (like older residents who don’t have kids in school). If your budget is small, we recommend exploring options to reduce print cost (i.e., the number of pages, paper type, mailing list or print style) before cutting print entirely!


  • Get creative! Send a postcard with a QR code to your newsletter rather than mailing the entire piece, or create a subscription form for community members to subscribe to your digital newsletter to send via email. 

Clear Presentation

IGPR School Newsletters2Whether your newsletter is printed or digital, the art of organized content plays a vital role in its presentation. Use headings, bulleted lists, short paragraphs and borders to break up text and make it easy for readers to scan. Include relevant dates, deadlines and contact information prominently to ensure that important details are not lost in the shuffle.


  • One of our favorite ways to help readers easily follow along when reading a newsletter? Using design elements and color! Use color to create a visual hierarchy for the reader to help them understand what to read first, second and last! Avoid using too many colors or overly bright hues that may distract from the content.

Timeliness and Consistency

Consistency is key for maintaining an effective school newsletter. Establish a regular publishing schedule – whether it’s monthly, bimonthly or quarterly – and stick to it (we encourage quarterly for print pieces)! Content should reflect current events and initiatives taking place at the school, including future happenings that readers can attend, support or mark on their calendars.


  • Thinking digital? Use technology to your advantage by employing tools and software that facilitate efficient newsletter production and distribution. Consider using platforms that offer assistance in your newsletter process, such as Smore or Constant Contact and including content like videos, photos or podcasts to keep your readers engaged! 

BONUS TIP FOR DIGITAL NEWSLETTERS: Create personalization in digital newsletters to show your readers that you value their connection to the school district. Address readers by name (a smart action that can be done through most newsletter tools) and include opportunities for interaction (a call to action to share their favorite bit in the newsletter on social media). By making your newsletter feel like a conversation rather than a broadcast, your community will pay more attention.


IGPR School Newsletters3Accessibility should always be a top priority when designing your newsletter. Ensure that content is available in multiple formats, including print and online, to accommodate different preferences and needs. Use accessible design principles to make your newsletter easy to read for individuals with disabilities.


  • For multimedia content such as videos, podcasts, or other recordings, provide text transcripts or captions to make the content accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Promotion and Distribution

Even the best newsletters won’t be effective if nobody reads them! Take proactive steps to promote your newsletter and maximize its reach within your school community. Use multiple channels – including email, social media and your school website – to ensure your newsletter reaches as many people as possible. Encourage readers to share with others, and consider offering incentives or rewards for engagement.

Feedback and Evaluation:

Don’t forget to seek feedback from your readers and evaluate the effectiveness of your newsletters regularly. Ask readers to share their thoughts, suggestions and concerns, and use this feedback to inform future editions. For digital platforms, monitor metrics such as open rates, click-through rates and reader engagement to gauge your newsletter's impact and identify areas of improvement. 


  • Include a dedicated email address or contact form in each newsletter so readers can easily submit their comments, suggestions or questions. When asking for feedback, be prepared to implement any reasonable changes your readers suggest!

A great school newsletter is so much more than just a communication tool – it’s a powerful vehicle for building community, fostering pride and celebrating your school's achievements. By incorporating the strategic communications model to create engaging content, clear communication, visual appeal, and promotion, you can create a newsletter that keeps your community informed, connected, and feeling appreciated. 

Don’t let the complexities of strategic communication hold back your district’s potential. Set your journey towards clear, effective, and impactful communication in motion and reach out now to start crafting your unique communication strategy that resonates with your audience and supports your priorities.

Let’s work together to make your district’s story a successful one.