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Finding the Right Words...

Finding the right keywords for your business helps improve the search engine optimization of your website, which in turn will attract visitors from outside search engines. In many cases, this is the very first touch point between a potential customer and your brand. It is important to ensure the keywords that lead visitors to your site reflect the nature of your business or services offer, but also mimic the language of your target audience. Here are some helpful practices to use when determining the right keywords for your website. 


  1. Make a list of keywords for each of your customer segments. Keep in mind that based on the specific needs of the customers within the segments of your business keywords may vary. Making a list for each of the segments ensures that you have each area covered. 
  2. Expand that list by searching the web for alternative keywords. Once you start your list, you'll want to make sure it's exhausted. Try typing in your keywords and see what comes up, pull other related or relevant key words that you may not have thought off and add them to your list. 
  3. Determine which keywords people are using to find your site. How are people currently finding you? Make sure to include these keywords as they are the most organic, but also the easiest ones to overlook.
  4. Decide which keywords you have the best opportunity to rank for. Once you have your big, bad list of keywords you'll want to narrow it down. Determine which keywords you are most likely to be in the top five for. This way you are not wasting your time or budget dollars on keywords that are over saturated and you have no chance of coming up on the top of the list. It's best to find the sweet spot: the keywords with the highest search volume but the lowest competition. 

These keywords can then be added to your page title, urls and content throughout the page. You can also incorporate the keywords on the back end of your site in the metadata. Completing these practices is the first step to creating a solid keyword search plan to drive traffic to your site and attract visitors.

If you still can't find the right (key)words, contact The Impact Group. We'll create a customized inbound marketing plan to attract visitors and grow your business. Contact us today!